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I'm a Pastoral Resident at the Austin Stone Community Church. This is my blog about everything I'm doing and learning.

Winter Update: Experiences & Daily Ministry

It has been a busy last two months! I updated you last in October on some things I have been processing through. For November and December, I’d just like to share briefly some of what I’ve actually been doing. I hope this gives you a look into what day to day ministry consists of for me.


Coordinated Baptism Class – Arranged for about 15 people to learn more about what baptism is and why it’s important for believers to do. 11 of those 15 wound up being baptized later in November!

Food Truck Sunday and Baptisms – Along with a few other guys on our South Campus team, I coordinated a campus wide event to build community and celebrate baptisms. Around 150 people enjoyed food trucks, games, music, and celebrating 11 baptisms.

Coordinated Partnership Class – Every semester we have an opportunity for people to become partners of the Austin Stone, where they commit to being on mission with our church body. This class was the first step in that process for 25 people who are becoming partners this Fall.

Third Preaching Lab – Preached my third sermon for our preaching lab on 1 Corinthians 15:1-8. Read more about what I learned from that lab here.

Teaching Gospel Counseling to Missional Communities – I was asked to teach about Gospel Counseling to our Missional Community leaders. This was a huge learning experience and encouragement for me. Read more about my experience with that here.

Men’s Retreat – Along with four guys from the LDP Cohort that I’m leading, I went to our annual Men’s Retreat. Two days spent building community and relationships with my cohort guys.


Coordinating Partnership Interviews and Approvals – I’m leading our efforts to meet with and have conversations with the 25 people seeking to be new partners. This has been an awesome experience as we get to hear so many stories of how God is working in peoples lives, and hearing about his faithfulness to them as they share their stories.

Cohort Written Exams – The 4 guys in my LDP Cohort have taken two written exams to help them see where they need to grow in their theology. I get to grade their exams and talk through them with each guy to help disciple them in the “head” part of their walk with the Lord.

Cohort Oral Exams – Along with written exams, my guys just went through their first oral exam, where one of our elders put them in a pastoral counseling situation and tested them in how they responded. I got to prepare them for how to take what they’ve been learning theologically and apply it practically to someone who is hurting and needs the hope of the gospel.

Discovery Class – Coordinated a short discovery class for roughly 30 new people who showed on Sunday.

MC Coaching – As you know, this year I’m coaching 5 Missional Communities. My first goal was to have everyone get together to talk and start to build community, and we were able to do that! This next semester I will spend on resourcing and equipping the leaders (particularly our newer ones).

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